The 4 A's


First, each Cadet will develop, maintain, and internalize:  1. Personal responsibility. 2. Self-discipline and 3. Self-confidence.  Re-directive training is modeled by Staff, senior Cadets, and Drill Sergeants. 


Then, our program removes that traditional barrier of “I can’t and turns it into “I can”.  As a result, education becomes a valued means toward success.  Each cadet will have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) designed by a team of the cadet, family representative, community advisor, and one Right Step staff member.  This plan will outline behavior redirection areas, attendance and academic strengths and weaknesses.  Cadets will demonstrate preparedness and growth through: a receptive attitude toward learning, organization of learning space, and a respect of learning space, equipment, and fellow learners and instructors. 


Next, it is imperative that Cadets and their families see that daily attendance is achieved.  Cadets must be mentally prepared for all aspects of the day.  Each Right Step Cadet will understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves.  In order for each squad to function, it will become clear to Cadets that each member of the group must be present. 


 Finally, each Cadet will clearly exhibit strength of character through:  1. The mind by making right choices, 2. The body by honoring themselves through physical exercise, proper nutrition, and personal care, and 3. The soul by embracing “Honest Hope,” and taking personal responsibility to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.  At the completion of each year, Cadets will deliver a Cadet Exhibition of Excellence (CEE).  The CEE will measure the cadets’ success in achieving the high standards set forth at Right Step and outlined in the Cadets’ ILP.