About Us

Rigorous Academics


Right Step understands education is the key to success in all aspects of life.

Physical Fitness


Right Step believes that a healthy body is necessary to help develop a healthy mind.

Dedicated Staff


Right Step's staff is dedicated to the academic success of every student.


The mission of Right Step Inc. is straightforward; to develop the minds, bodies, and spirits of the community's most challenged youth by redirecting behaviors, attitudes and beliefs through the use of motivation toward positive outcomes. 



Established in the City of Milwaukee in 2007, Right Step Inc. is a Choice Military School that specializes in working with youth displaying "at-risk" behaviors. From its in-your-face military structure, to its newly popular "Tier system" of learning, Right Step Inc. is making positive changes in Milwaukee's youth some never thought possible.

Wellness Policy


Updated 2017-2018  - Right Step Wellness Plans are available in the main office.

Right Step Wellness Plan Review is scheduled for Monday March 4, 2019 @ 2pm.

RSI Assessment of Implementation of Wellness Plan will be scheduled at the March 4th meeting.

School Report Card

Right Step Report Card (pdf)


Educational options

Information provided by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction