Right Step Academics

  The academic structure at Right Step, Inc. is different than the traditional school setting. The Right Step cadet typically has not found academic success in the traditional school setting.  RSI has a tier structure that serves each cadet in a differentiated and individualized method. All cadets receive instruction, and classroom assessment based on their needs. Cadets take all Wisconsin State Assessments, STAR Assessments and weekly curriculum assessments. All data points provide valuable information and insight to the teachers to help each cadet reach their goals. The Reading/Language Arts program is based on the Engage New York curriculum and redesigned to meet the needs of RSI cadets. Science and Social Studies is infused into the RLA curriculum. Math is individually designed based on the cadets’ STAR scores. Often times cadets work in groups on similar mathematical topics.  All teachers at RSI are licensed and certified by the State of Wisconsin. Female and male cadets are in separate areas of the school building. Cadets are taught that it is a privilege to learn in the classroom and disrespect is not tolerated.